House owners with awfully dirty carpets can choose among DIY vs professional carpet cleaning methods- which mainly depend on the budget and how dirty the carpeting is. Vacuum cleaning is just merely a way to maintain the strength of your carpet. However, it is not effective for removing deep stains. Every carpet gets to this point during its usable life where ordinary vacuuming cannot bring back its appearance; only a thorough deep cleaning can do so.

If your carpet is matted and sticky, no longer has its color, or has stains from the pets or the furniture, you need a deep cleaning treatment. People usually start cleaning a carpet themselves by leasing a rug cleaning machine from the grocery stores, big box retails, and home enhancement stores. These stores also cart a range of cleaning chemicals that can help you get rid of the odors and stains. Most rug and carpet cleaning machines work the same way, and the difference between them is negligible.

DIY carpet cleaning machines can fetch minor stains out of your carpet. But, major stains and odor problems should only be treated by the professionals. There is a huge difference between DIY vs professional carpet cleaning- the choice is up to you, but remember, some problems need professional attention. Pet stains are particularly knotty. While the rental cleaning machines can fix the stains on the surface, pet stains usually go deep into the carpet, into the padding, and even reach the flooring beneath. Only the professional chemicals and cleaning techniques can go deep enough to remove the stains and the odors scrupulously.

People often think that they know how to clean a carpet, the knowledge for it is never enough. If you do not have the necessary equipment and chemicals, all your knowledge cannot help you fix your carpeting problems.

While the cost variance in DIY vs professional carpet cleaning is extensive, so are their results. We at Quick Cleaning Services use two different techniques to clean carpets. These techniques are contingent on the type of equipment that the technique uses.

Chemical Cleaning: This is also known as encapsulation. We use liquid chemicals or coarse cleaning products to encapsulate or surround the dirt. These chemicals trap the residue as they desiccate into crystals. Then, these crystals are vacuumed up. This process works perfectly with pet odors and stains, drying the carpet in just two or less than two hours.

Steam Cleaning: Also known as hot water extraction, the process involves forcing hot water deep into the carpet fibers. This loosens the dirt, which is then slurped out of the carpet. Since this is a wet process, it can take as long as 24 hours for the carpet to dry completely.

Professional cleaning or Doing It Yourself – it would be easy for you to surmise now. For the deeply, smelling and stained carpets, the store rental machines are a no match for the professional services. Whichever carpet cleaning method you prefer, it is important to remember that you do not underestimate the amount of accumulated dirt, dust, bacteria and microorganisms that can be found in it. Regular carpet cleaning is important for general carpet housekeeping and maintaining a good indoor air quality in your premise. So, whenever in doubt with carpet cleaning, always check with a reputable carpet cleaning company for advice.

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