This happens to the best of us, each year without fail, on the arrival of spring, as to how much we have been neglecting taking care of our homes. The winters are dark and lifeless and the shorter days means less vigor and grit to clean but when spring arrives, the days finally get longer and brighter, which means there is no excuse, particularly when the sunlight starts to highlight the annoying dust that has been structuring up.

A good spring clean is a must for yourself and for your home; a great chance to make everything feel fresh, sparkle and ready for a great summer ahead. Irrespective if you are about to start your spring clean in near-term or are way far from the game, have a swift look at our top tips to ensure that you have everything under your control.

Clutter Control – One of the best parts of spring cleaning is realizing how much clutter we have been collecting. Whether it is too many pairs of scarves, jumpers or hats, a stock of old snow boots or whatever else; many of us have this habit of piling up things in winters. Before you start to clean, organize everything, declutter and pack away what you don’t need. It is easy to put things off when it is cold but now that the weather is getting warmer, it is the best time to clear up the space and your mind.

Room by Room – When it comes to spring cleaning, it may seem like a good idea to tackle several areas at once but this works seldom and you will soon find yourself giving up! Take things one at a time and consider starting room by room to ensure that you don’t get flabbergasted. The kitchen is always the best place to begin; clean up the fridge, the closets and give old worktops the deepest clean they have ever seen and then move on to the next room. Vacuum under those designer couches, while waiting for the freezer to defrost and the bathroom floor to dry up after a good mop might seem like good multi-tasking but you may risk burning out before finishing.

Get the Tools – From cleaning brushes and liquids to sponges and mop heads, when it comes to clean the house from top to bottom, you will require all the right tools. So store up on these essentials! Also consider creating different ‘spring cleaning kits’ for different rooms, so that no corner stays untidy because of the running out of the essentials.

Don’t Do it All Alone – It is your home and obviously you know exactly what needs to be done and where but don’t try attempting it all by yourself. Giving your home an overall spring clean all by yourself may seem like a doable task, but it is hard! Make it easy on yourself by getting professionals for spring cleaning in St Kilda by your side. You will be surprised as to how faster and easier it all goes!

By hiring Quick Cleaning Services to help out with your fall or spring cleaning sessions, you get more than just a quick brushing. We delve into the niches and crevices of your home, clearing dust from places you didn’t know it had accrued. We vacuum and capture up to 99% of the allergens and pollen from all the corners of your home.

So, let us help you greet the new season with a freshly cleaned home. Contact us now to make inquiries about our other services.