Whether you are a first time landlord or an experienced with a portfolio covering hundreds of properties, one thing you must not lose sight of is the significance of having your property professionally cleaned at the start or end of the lease.

What actually is it?

End of lease cleaning refers to the deep cleaning of your rented flat or house by a specialist before the new renters move in. It is also known as tenancy cleaning, move out cleaning, deep cleaning, and more.

Should it be included in the tenancy agreement?

It is good to include a clause related to cleaning in the tenancy agreement. It should be specific i.e. it should be mutually decided and understood between both parties that the boarders will organize or pay for the house to be professionally cleaned at the end of the lease and provide proof of the services that have been carried out. If the boarders don’t get the place professionally cleaned at the end of the lease or do not provide receipts for proof of the works, the amount for the professional clean will be deducted from the Renters deposit. Many tenancy agreements also state that the property has to be returned back in its original condition.

What is normally included?

Just getting any cleaning company to accomplish this task won’t be enough. It needs to be deep cleaned by the team of professionals. Experts like Quick Cleaning Services adhere to the strict cleaning checklists, while performing end of lease cleaning at St Kilda. They have the latest cleaning equipment and professional cleaning products that ensure perfect and hygienic cleanliness.

Cleaning usually involves: removing any food or other stuff from the refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and freezers and cupboards, removing any grime and grease from the kitchen and anywhere it could have mounted up through the years. Cleaning of all the closets and surfaces, dishwashers, absorbers is the most basic cleaning step.

Scrubbing and sanitizing all floors in the property is another part of the end of tenancy cleaning.  The same goes for all the sinks and bathrooms.

For making the house good for the stay of new occupants, it is advisable to get all the windows, doors, radiators and the furniture cleaned as well. Carpet cleaning is also very important to give your house a new and fresh touch.

A good practice which professional service providers offer is to prepare a preliminary checklist for all the cleaning tasks. This allows them to cover all parts of the cleaning job, without leaving out anything.

How much does it cost?

It actually varies depending on the size of the house and what all you want to include. There are numerous companies in St Kilda, which offer cheap cleaning, but you may end up paying more in the long run if it is not done rightly.

No matter what cleaning services your home requires, Quick Cleaning Services will customize a service to fit your needs and budget. So, stop finding the cheap ones and look for the best one. Contact today for more insights!